BOY! 2020 sure has been a stressful, crazy year! If you click on my CALENDAR, you'll notice there's not much there, thanks to Covid-19. Last season and, so far, most of this season has been canceled. The good news, though, is my wife Sandra and I are healthy and doing fine...staying pretty close to home, wearing our masks when we do go out and socially distancing as best we can. Hopefully, this all will pass soon and we can get on with having fun again. Until then, email me and let me know you are OK if you like ( I'd love to hear from you. 

Stay safe and stay in touch!

All the best to you and yours.


Off the Coast of 'Ol New England -
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(...and because this crazy pandemic is lasting way longer then we expected!) I'm once again, like so many of my musician friends, trying to 'think outside the box' to find ways to entertain you. Once again, I'll be streaming LIVE on Facebook. Please tune in, request your favorite songs and, if you feel inclined to do so, drop a few bucks in this GoFundMe (virtual) Tip Jar.  It will be GREATLY appreciated!! (and will help me avoid going out and finding a real job!)

Click HERE to tip Carlo

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