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Family Photos

Me, sisters, brother and mom

Sandra and Franklin-Skyline Drive, Virginia

"Let's Ride!!"

Dunedin sunset

Schooner "Ardelle"

My son Scott and I-Schooner Festival '15

Me and the 2 loves in my life

"Franklin" after his hair cut

Eastern Point Lighthouse-Gloucester, MA.

Dunedin sunset

Fish "Chowda" at the Causeway Restaurant-Gloucester, MA.

Schooner Festival '15

Schooner Festival '15

Mom and Dad's wedding picture 6/6/44

"Franklin"-ready to ride!

Schooner Festival '15

Pizza at Maria's-Gloucester, MA.

Dunedin sunset

Schooner Festival '15


Dad- Carlo, Sr.

Brother-Michael (Sonny)




The "Man at the Wheel"-Gloucester, MA.

Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Memorial

Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Memorial

" This video was made by Carlo Lovasco in honor of his Dad and all fishermen. All of the fishing film clips were taken aboard the Joseph & Lucia my family vessel. The earlier clip shows my Grandfather in the wheel house window briefly and my Uncle Tom on deck gives a grin to the camera. Also you will see another family vessel, The St. Victoria along side in sloppy weather. They will steam along with the Benjamin C. for a bit. At the end of the video my Dad will be walking aft toward the camera and waving. The end brings tears to my eyes everytime. Carlo does a great job singing this original song in this nicely done slice of the past."~Bigtom Brancaleone


           Music: Written by Carlo Lovasco, Sr.

                          Sung by Carlo Lovasco, Jr.


Schooner Festival '15

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