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   Hello, and welcome to my web site. My name is Carlo Lovasco and I was born and raised in beautiful Gloucester, Massachusetts...the son of a Gloucester fisherman and a red headed, southern belle from Virginia, also named Virginia. (I suspect that's where the Country/Western influence in my music comes from).

     I came to Florida in 1978 with my brother Michael (aka Sonny) to play music at the Holiday Inn on St. Pete Beach, soon adding a drummer and female vocalist named Frankie Gerring. After performing for a year as a 4-piece band called, "Frankie and the Rising Sons", I continued on at the Holiday Inn as a single act for 3 more years then moved up the beach to Treasure Island where I performed in the "Grog Shoppe" at the Bilmar Beach Resort for 18 years, most of that time with my (now ex) wife Norma.

While playing at the Bilmar, I also played Saturday afternoons at the American Legion (Post 7) in Clearwater for 15 years where I met many people who lived in mobile home parks who hired me to play at their parks on special occasions (ie: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick Day, etc.)

     Around 1995, I left the Bilmar and started playing at many of the mobile home parks during the "Snow Bird" season and some of the Elks Lodges, Moose Halls and American Legions in the Tampa Bay area.

   I've recently moved to Louisville, Kentucky, but plan on coming back to the Clearwater, Florida area in January to perform until April.

     So, click on "CALENDAR" to find out where I'm playing in your area and stop by to say Hello. If you'd like to book me for a party...or just wanna on

"CONTACT ME" and give me a shout. I'm also on "FACEBOOK" (Just search for Carlo Lovasco and send me a 'friend request')

      I look forward to seeing/hearing from you soon.


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