Well, the 2018-19 "Snowbird Season" has come to an end and all my northern friends have flown back home for the summer. I want to thank you and all the permanent residents for supporting me this year and wish you all a safe and happy summer. 

    Sandra, "Franklin" and I will be traveling north as well this summer: I'll be performing in a music festival in Prospect Harbor Maine (July 19-20) after a brief stop in my home town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, then on to Nova Scotia to do some motorcycle touring. We'll then head to Louisville, Kentucky to visit some family. We should be back to Florida around the 13th of August. 

   Check out my next cruise coming up in March of 2020. I'd love to have you join us as we jam in Jamaica! This will be my 11th cruise with Carnival, and they keep getting better!  Click HERE for more information and give Joan a call at Seapointe Cruises and join the fun!

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