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Carlo Lovasco

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Louisville, Kentucky 40228

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                     A WALK ON THE BEACH

Easily I walk the beach, every time as the first

The call of the ocean just adds to my thirst

For the role the ocean as it approaches the shore

The onslaught of waves the beach must endure

The slamming of white frothy waters against the beaches of sand

Surely feels peaceful, can you understand?

It’s a time for reflection, to set my path straight

To lighten my load, free my mind of deadweight

The sands of time no longer a thought

For times’s not the issue when serenity is sought

Serenity found amongst the smells of the sea

Inner peace I can find here, all this for me

As my walk nears it’s end, at last I have found

The strength to move onward with a leap and a bound

All this with the help of the calls of the gulls, the smell of the ocean

I’ve recaptured my youth, isn’t this a grand notion?

My life once again rides the tops of the waves

I’ve conquered my demons hidden in my mind’s caves

Living my life to the fullest, bravely pushing all limits

Standing on the edge, gazing ahead towards my targets

I feel the peace and comfort of a friend’s loving arms

I’m not all a lone, to me comes no harm

I just look around me; see the prints in the sand

This reassures me, I’ve had a helping hand

A hand known as Friendship

That won’t let me fall, but just lets me trip

One has to realize all’s within reach

Just listen to me:  Take that walk on the beach!


                                                                    Neil Albertson


Waves at Good Harbor Beach - Unknown Artist
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